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Virtual Tourist – Singapore Edition – Royal Albatross

Virtual tourist – Singapore Edition – The Royal Albatross Welcome to our first edition of virtual tourist Singapore featuring the Royal Albatross. Just as we were getting back to our daily lives, COVID-19 is back causing us to be in a mini lockdown right here in Singapore. A new Phase 2 Heightened Alert announcement means…

Inspiring Weekend Brunch Locations

Inspiring Weekend Brunch Locations that will have you in the best of moods Weekends are usually the time we have to recharge and get ready for the week ahead. Finding that inspiring weekend brunch location in Singapore to enjoy your meal could just be the perfect kickstart your week and say HELLO to Mondays! Here…

Finding the Most Romantic Dinner Places

Finding the Most Romantic Dinner Places Thinking of a night out on the town with your special someone, but want to make it extra memorable without paying over the odds? Well, we have compiled a quick guide on how you can find the best and most romantic dinner places like an expert. 1. Pick somewhere…

Unique Places in Asia only found in Singapore

Unique Places in Asia only found in Singapore We are all travel starved and as locals. And we often don’t explore the goodies that we have in our own backyard. So whether you backpack or are in the mood to splurge. Here are some of the unique places in Asia only found in Singapore. Visit…

Romantic Spots near Popular Staycation Hotels

Romantic Spots near Popular Staycation Hotels Bored without anything to do this weekend? Well, It’s the season to uncover some of Singapore’s most romantic spots near popular staycation hotels for all you lovebirds. If you have not used your SRV vouchers some of these places actually allow you to use them. And you can actually…

Unique and Romantic TV spots in Singapore

, Unique and Romantic TV spots in Singapore We, moviegoers, are always looking for unique and romantic TV spots both internationally and in Singapore, gone are the days that we can travel the world to chase down uniquely famous romantic filming locations from Korean drama series, that famous fictional North Korean Village Taean-gun in Crash…


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