trump-kim summit by royal albatross

Why we should be celebrating the Trump-Kim summit

Why we should be celebrating the Trump-Kim summit This historical summit happening right on our shores in Singapore is going to be written in the history books in golden letters as it marks the start of a new era not just in the Korean Peninsula but for world peace. Let’s come together to celebrate this…

Father’s Day 2019: 5 Types Of Dad And Why Each Will Love The Royal Albatross

FATHER’S DAY 2019: 5 TYPES OF DAD AND WHY EACH WILL LOVE THE ROYAL ALBATROSS Every dad is special and unique. Each has their own personalities, interests, quirks, and so on. Despite their differences, all dads will love the gift of a luxury cruise experience this Father’s Day. Here are 5 types of dads and…

harbour cruise

Singapore Harbour Cruise: Great For A Day Trip With Family

SINGAPORE’S ONLY HARBOUR CRUISE IS GREAT FOR A SINGAPORE DAY TRIP WITH THE FAMILY Are you looking for a great new experience for the family? Going on the only harbour cruise Singapore offers could be perfect for you. The best part is that it is on a unique a tall ship, yes the same type…

Celebrating Mother's Day onboard Royal Albatross

4 Mother’s Day Ideas For 4 Different Types of Moms

4 MOTHER’S DAY IDEAS FOR 4 DIFFERENT TYPES OF MUMS Mother’s Day is just around the corner. For us who care about mummy dearest, it is also a day for us to show her the extra love and concern she deserves. But like any other gift-giving day, choosing the perfect something for Mother’s Day can…

Celebrate Mother's Day onboard Royal Albatross

Mother’s Day 2018: Take Your Mother Far Away From Housework

MOTHER’S DAY 2018: TAKE YOUR MOTHER FAR AWAY FROM HOUSEWORK Being a mother can be both an amazing and tiring experience. As the household manager, she the magic behind how everyone can come home to a clean house. Sometimes however, even mummies need a break from being well, mummy. When was the last time you…

tie the knot royal albatross

Ready to get hitched? Tie the ‘knot’ at a dreamy yacht wedding!

DREAMY YACHT WEDDING: READY TO GET HITCHED? TIE THE ‘KNOT’ AT ON THE ROYAL ALBATROSS! PLANNING A YACHT WEDDING? A wedding ceremony is a once in a lifetime experience. It is a day when those closest to you gather to celebrate a union between you and your beloved. Hence, it is of great importance that…

luxury cocktail cruise floating bar royal albatross

Looking for a luxury cocktail cruise experience? Hop aboard the Royal Albatross’ floating bar!

THIS FLOATING BAR GIVES YOU THE ULTIMATE LUXURY COCKTAIL CRUISE EXPERIENCE! Forget the conventional pubs on dry land, here’s Singapore’s best floating bar for the ultimate way to dine and drink in style!   The Royal Albatross romantic Restaurant and Bar is at the forefront of providing true luxury. Located conveniently behind the S.E.A. Aquarium…

corporate parties royal albatross

This Is Definitely The Coolest Event Venue Singapore Can Offer For Your Corporate Parties

THIS IS DEFINITELY THE COOLEST EVENT VENUE SINGAPORE CAN OFFER FOR YOUR CORPORATE PARTIES Think back to the last corporate event you attended. Chances are it was in a hotel banquet hall or perhaps on a rarer occasion, it was held at one of Singapore’s more “Instagram-worthy” restaurants. The food was great, the drinks stimulating…

eggstra special easter brunch royal albatross

Eggstra Special Easter Brunch Singapore 2018

EGGSTRA SPECIAL EASTER BRUNCH SINGAPORE 2018 Relish an afternoon of sumptuous fare at Tall Ship Royal Albatross’ Restaurant and Bar as we celebrate a nautical Easter on the waterfront at Resorts World at Sentosa. Warm spring vibes and the aroma of meats grilled over a charcoal flame fill the air as families, couples and friends…

once in a blue moon royal albatross

Once In A Blue Moon, Sail Around Singapore

ONCE IN A BLUE MOON, SAIL AROUND SINGAPORE Sail into the sunset with Royal Albatross as the breathtaking hues of orange, pink and purple shimmer in reflections upon the waters, and let the world draped in the colours of the sunset enrapture you. Lush gradients of golden light paint the canvas of the sky above…

top 4 things budget 2018 royal albatross

Top 4 Things To Spend Your Singapore Budget 2018 $300 SG Bonus On

TOP 4 THINGS TO SPEND YOUR SINGAPORE BUDGET 2018 $300 SG BONUS ON With the announcement of Singapore Budget 2018, Finance Minister Heng Swee Keat mentioned a one-off SG Bonus that all Singaporeans aged 21 and above would be getting. This “hongbao” came in as a decision following 2017’s budget surplus. Depending on one’s income,…

cny 2018 greetings royal albatross

Chinese New Year 2018 Greetings

CHINESE NEW YEAR 2018 GREETINGS Every Lunar New Year, the world sees the largest mass migration on a global scale as the Chinese fly all over the world to meet their relatives. Some of the most defining elements of the 23-day festival include the red packets, reunion dinners, and new year greetings. Before you can…

where to go 1st date royal albatross

Date Ideas Singapore: Where To Go For Dates

UNIQUE DATE IDEAS IN SINGAPORE – BEST PLACE TO GO FOR DATING Food and romance. Of the hierarchy of needs, are these two basic human needs linked in any way? To some, this link can be surmised in the adage, “the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach”. There is always that moment…

unique venue singapore royal albatross

Unique Venue Singapore

One of the best corporate events venue that provides a unique experience in Singapore – Royal Albatross Are you looking for the best places to host corporate events in Singapore? With great features onboard to ensure an unforgettable event that will leave your guests in awe, you might want to consider the Royal Albatross. Let…

did she say yes proposal royal albatross

Did she say Yes?

DID SHE SAY YES?: A GUIDE TO PROPOSING IN SINGAPORE In this blog post, we will take you through some indicators to look out for when searching for that perfect romantic venue to pop the question, and yes these places will suit that romantic dinner after the proposal. Aesthetics should play a fundamental role in…

meaning of roses by numbers royal albatross

A Valentine’s Day Guide To The Meaning Of Roses By Numbers

A VALENTINE’S DAY GUIDE TO THE MEANING OF ROSES BY NUMBERS No matter where you’re from, receiving a rose will be interpreted as a loving gesture. And the extent of which can arguably be measured by the number of roses presented. Do two roses mean twice the love of one rose or a dozen roses…

how to impress her overnight royal albatross

Dating Ideas in Singapore: How to Impress her overnight!

DATING IDEAS IN SINGAPORE: GUYS, HOW TO IMPRESS HER OVERNIGHT! Romance. Such a key part of relationships wouldn’t you agree? After all, men are supposed to be from Mars and their better halves from Venus. We all have heard that saying which might explain why we break out in a sweat when it comes to…

top dating ideas to do in Singapore 2018 royal albatross

Five things you can do to up your dating game

Five Things You Can Do To Up Your Dating Game We hear about many couples who ran out of ideas when it comes to their next date. After all, on a small island like Singapore, there seem to be only so much a couple can do, repeating a few activities more than twice. Fret not;…

Royal Albatross Christmas Singapore 2018

Top 5 things to do at Christmas in Singapore

Top 5 things to do at Christmas in Singapore Christmas is one of the biggest festivals celebrated around the world. It’s a festival that signifies family and love and also the spirit of kindness and giving. If you love food, it is about chocolate cakes and puddings and giving and receiving wonderful gifts on Christmas….

top 5 most unique royal albatross

Top 5 most unique go-to attractions in Sentosa

Top 5 Sentosa Attractions – Unique Go-To Destinations for All Singapore has been one of the favourite countries to visit within South East Asia. As a tech and food hub, visitors flock to immerse themselves and be in awe of the colours, sights and sound of what this tiny island has to offer. There is…


Sentosa FUN Pass partners with the Royal Albatross

Have you always wanted access to a Super yacht but couldn’t? From October 2, Sentosa Fun Pass holders can enjoy an exclusive tour on the Royal Albatross.

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