Although the Royal Albatross is unique, our crew and service teams also play a critical role in delivering an unforgettable experience. This is evident from the numerous written event planner reviews we receive every month.


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I loved every single aspect of my experience. It was a nice little escape from the city. I tried both the Sunset Dinner Cruise and the City Lights Dinner Cruise. It's hard to say which one I enjoyed more because both of them had its own charm. I first went for the City Lights Dinner Cruise with my boyfriend to celebrate our Anniversary. The cruise started at 8:00 pm and it ended around 11:00 pm. My favourite part of the cruise was the live music. It made the whole experience so much more enjoyable. The food was also quite nice. We had a three course meal that was very filling. Overall it was a very romantic evening and I was so glad we decided to celebrate our Anniversary on the Royal Albatross. For my second cruise, I went for the Sunset Cruise with my family for a birthday celebration. The cruise started at 4:30 pm and ended around 7:30 pm. It was nice to start the cruise when there was still daylight. The food was more or less the same as the Dinner Cruise. What made this cruise memorable was that there was a young man who proposed to his girlfriend. It was such a heartwarming moment to witness. I absolutely loved both experiences and I would love to do another cruise again.


Services and food are fantastic. The crew members are super friendly and helpful to take great shots during the ride.


I made my booking through Ezekiel to celebrate my wife's birthday. The booking process was made very easy by the ever helpful Ezekiel! Ensured everything was in order. I had a special request made to Ezekiel with regards to surprising my wife. Hats off to Ezekiel for making it happen! You truly made our night special! The sailing experience was wonderful. The food, the ambience, the music and the service all was excellent! I would really recommend this to anyone who wants a romantic time with their loved ones!


A real treat that transports you across the cosmopolitan harbor and into a breezy picturesque moment. Highly recommended for a romantic night out.


My husband & I had our solemnization party on the Royal Albatross a few days ago. The experience was amazing! We chose the International Buffet spread, which was cooked in the kitchen onboard right before our event. The food was fresh & really tasty! Special thanks to the event coordinators Sylvia & Emi for their time & effort for helping us make the event smooth sailing!




Royal Albatross Superyacht

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1 day ago


Food, ambience and crew were great! One of a kind experience. Highly recommended (:

1 day ago


Strongly recommended for couple to be onboard. The scenery and ambience is amazing! The crew is also friendly and helpful! Not forgetting the food which is tremendously nice👍

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