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More Pets Please! Pet Friendly Places Set in Singapore

More Pets Please! Pet Friendly Places Set in Singapore Not everyone has awesome pets like those that are said to appear in Betty White’s new segment Pet Set (P.S. We heard that she had turned 99! Happy Birthday!). And Singapore is definitely safe from pets like the Black bear, Asian Elephant and you probably wouldn’t…

Cruises to Nowhere vs. Dinner Cruises

Cruises to Nowhere vs. Dinner Cruises Ahoy sea lovers! With recent news on the relaxation of regulations its finally time to take to the waters to experience a nice romantic time with your loved once with the fresh sea breeze in your hair. Here’s what we know about getting back into the holiday mood with…

Staycations and Getaways in Singapore

Staycations and Getaways in Singapore All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. So does the intrusion of our work from home schedule into our personal lives. Most of us might enjoy working from home but for most, it means that we need to get out of the house more to decompress on…

Best Spots to Moon Gazing in Singapore During the Mooncake Festival

Image Credit: metro.co.uk Best Spots to Moon Gazing in Singapore During Mooncake Festival One of the best-kept secrets of the mid-autumn festival is not only that we get to eat delicious Michelin-listed hotel moon cakes but also the time that we get to spend with our family and friends. Yes, it may seem that there…

5 Best Things To Do This National Day 2020

5 Best Things To Do This National Day 2020 Happy 55th Birthday Singapore! It is time to celebrate this long weekend with your friends and family. But National Day this year will be slightly different due to the COVID19 safety measures and contingencies in place. This year, the National Day Parade will not be held…

Wanderlust in Singapore: Things to do During the Coronavirus Travel Ban

Travel plans affected by the coronavirus situation? Flights around the world have been canceled. People have been forced into isolation due to the contagious nature of the COVID-19 outbreak. Amidst the global fear, Singapore remains positive. The coronavirus travel ban have left many Singaporeans looking for way to satisfy their wanderlust. So we have scouted the…


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