Cruises to Nowhere vs. Dinner Cruises

Ahoy sea lovers! With recent news on the relaxation of regulations its finally time to take to the waters to experience a nice romantic time with your loved once with the fresh sea breeze in your hair. Here’s what we know about getting back into the holiday mood with your special someone and what you can expect and which is better for you? A Cruise to Nowhere or a Romantic Dinner Cruise?

Love on a Cruise to Nowhere 
Perfect for mature couples with families. Cruises have evolved past what you would think cruises are on the 80’s show “The Love Boat” (simply Love Boat in its final season) an American comedy/drama television series set on luxury passenger cruise ship S.S. Pacific Princess. Cruises offered by Genting Cruise Lines and Royal Caribbean International are more orientated to family fun and maybe restrictive for first-time couples as they won’t be able to leave until the ship docks… Four days later…

Love on a Romantic Dinner Cruise on the Royal Albatross
Imagine a nice dinner cruise with a person that you’d like to know better. Perfect for busy professionals who are getting into the dating scene. The Royal Albatross is critically voted as Singapore’s most romantic dinner cruise. Allowing the interactions to slowly mature as you view the sunset or sail as you view the city light glitter in the water as you gently sail past and enjoy a nice 3-course meal. And you will be able to take the romantic date further after your ship docks in 2.5 hrs.


Crowd & Safety onboard a Cruise Ship
A Mandatory swab test before they are allowed onto the ships. You will also be on the same ship with about 1,000 guests. You will likely be in close contact with people on board the ship or in the same confined areas without open-air ventilation in the cabins.

Crowd & Safety on board Romantic Dinner Cruise on the Royal Albatross 
SG Clean measures are safely implemented onboard the ship which includes safe distancing as well. The ship’s deck is open-air and well ventilated. All the seating onboard is closely regulated to ensure that there is no intermingling between the guests.

It’s important to note that the Royal Albatross is not a cruise ship and is an official attraction being Asia’s only Tall Ship. Book your cruise today and find out our availability on our Sailing Schedule. Remember to stay safe while having fun!


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