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Yacht Rental Singapore
Sea Sickness

YACHT RENTAL SINGAPORE: SEASICKNESS AND SINGAPORE’S MOST STABLE YACHT Seasickness is definitely an unpleasant experience and something we all want to avoid, so let me tell you a little bit more about it. Seasickness is mainly caused by 2 factors; one is the stability of the vessel that determines how much the vessel moves…

Yacht Rental For 100 Pax Onboard The Royal Albatross

YACHT RENTAL FOR 100 PAX ONBOARD THE ROYAL ALBATROSS Thinking of throwing a big party? Perhaps booking the usual ballroom, and function rooms have crossed your mind but what you’re looking for is something with a little more oomph! If you’re going to hold a glamorous event for a group of up to 100 pax,…

Yacht Party: Celebrate On A Yacht Without Breaking the Bank

YACHT PARTY: CELEBRATE ON A YACHT WITHOUT BREAKING THE BANK Host a unique yacht party or a dinner cruise on board the region’s first and only luxury tall ship at sunset under a canopy of sails and the twinkling night sky. The perfect place as a unique yacht party venue. Have you ever wondered what it’s…

Corporate Event Venue Slider
Corporate Event Venue Singapore: Royal Albatross – Superyacht

Corporate Event Venue Singapore: Royal Albatross – Superyacht Hotels aren’t the only places that make for a great event space. Instead of reserving a ballroom or function room like what most companies do, why not plan something a little out of the ordinary? Why not take your your corporate event off shore for nostalgic moments…

Dinner and Dance Slider
Company Dinner and Dance Venue Singapore

Company Dinner And Dance Venue Singapore Are you thinking of planning a year-end Dinner and Dance for your company? With a limited selection of venues to choose from, it can be challenging to come up with fresh ideas each year. Instead of booking the usual function room or a ballroom, perhaps opt for something a…

Sign Your Kids Up For An Unforgettable Mast Climbing Experience

Sign Your Kids Up For An Unforgettable Mast Climbing Experience School holidays are coming right up, and that means taking the kids out to have fun while they take a break from the classroom. Planning outdoor activities for your kids is always a great idea during this period, especially since our children spend so much…


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