where to go 1st date royal albatross

,, UNIQUE DATE IDEAS – BEST PLACE DATING PLACES IN SINGAPORE Food and romance. Of the hierarchy of needs, are these two basic human needs linked in any way? To some, this link can be surmised in the adage, “the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach”. There is always that moment when…

unique venue singapore royal albatross
Unique Venue Singapore

One of the best corporate events venue that provides a unique experience in Singapore – Royal Albatross Are you looking for the best places to host corporate events in Singapore? With great features onboard to ensure an unforgettable event that will leave your guests in awe, you might want to consider the Royal Albatross. Let…

did she say yes proposal royal albatross
Did she say Yes?

DID SHE SAY YES?: A GUIDE TO PROPOSING IN SINGAPORE In this blog post, we will take you through some indicators to look out for when searching for that perfect romantic venue to pop the question, and yes these places will suit that romantic dinner after the proposal. Aesthetics should play a fundamental role in…

meaning of roses by numbers royal albatross
A Valentine’s Day Guide To The Meaning Of Roses By Numbers

A VALENTINE’S DAY GUIDE TO THE MEANING OF ROSES BY NUMBERS No matter where you’re from, receiving a rose will be interpreted as a loving gesture. And the extent of which can arguably be measured by the number of roses presented. Do two roses mean twice the love of one rose or a dozen roses…

how to impress her overnight royal albatross
Dating Ideas in Singapore: How to Impress her overnight!

DATING IDEAS IN SINGAPORE: GUYS, HOW TO IMPRESS HER OVERNIGHT! Romance. Such a key part of relationships wouldn’t you agree? After all, men are supposed to be from Mars and their better halves from Venus. We all have heard that saying which might explain why we break out in a sweat when it comes to…

top dating ideas to do in Singapore 2018 royal albatross
Five things you can do to up your dating game

Five Things You Can Do To Up Your Dating Game We hear about many couples who ran out of ideas when it comes to their next date. After all, on a small island like Singapore, there seem to be only so much a couple can do, repeating a few activities more than twice. Fret not;…

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