7-Course Dinner Cruise with Wine Pairing

Travelers Choice 2020-2022★★★★★

happy old couple drinking wine on royal albatross

Join us on a gastronomic journey with modern wine pairings together with our well-reviewed 7-course menu. Experience carefully selected wines from various regions and unique pairings, together with a spectacular view as we cruise along the Sentosa shoreline. A perfect setting for a truly memorable experience that will appeal to all your senses.


City Lights Cruise
7-Course with Wine Pairing
Per Pax
2.5 小时的航游时间
  • 船票可更改,可转让,有效期为6个月,不可退款,产品如有更改,恕不另行通知。
  • 查看 条款与细则 与 常见问题 关于更多其他主题和限定航游配套
  • 更多关于皇家信天翁的稳定性及避免晕船的详情,可观看我们的视频。 点击查阅.
  • 所有价格需支付10%的服务费+7%的现行政府税(GST)。
  • 用餐人数限制将取决于目前政府的SMM指导方针。
  • 没有接种疫苗的人需要获得有效的阴性COVID-19测试结果才能参加活动。阴性COVID-19测试结果的有效期需要在活动、商业或活动结束前24小时。如果有效期涵盖了他们的访问时间,那么与会者/赞助人/用餐者将被允许进入.
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