Planning a wedding in 2020? It’s going to be the best year yet. Here are some of the top wedding theme trends that are going to give you major inspiration.



What started out as an inspiration for home décor and architectural purposes, the alluring Moroccan style continues to burst into popularity and in itself became a wedding theme. If you ever needed an excuse to be bold with luscious color combinations, this is it! From gorgeous flowy curtains to myriad of vintage lights, there’s an undeniable energy that comes along with this wedding theme. Your venue will set the tone so find a spacious place to recreate the exotic flavour of Morocco to your wedding venue. Whether indoor or outdoor, this wedding theme is guaranteed to wow your guests and is a great way to have a fun, whimsical wedding.

                                                     Image via Instagram


 If jungle greenery and glam is your jam, then this is the best wedding theme for you.

Think breathtaking floral designs, gold accents and enchanting luxurious textures that create an unforgettable experience for the senses. The options with Tropulence theme are countless and can give you the most extravagant backdrops for your wedding day.

                                                      Photo by Button Up Photography


As couples are getting more eco-conscious, wedding trends are also noticing a shift in favor of sustainability by embracing eco-friendly practices while still keeping it stylish. Wedding venue plays a major role here – hilltops, botanical gardens, beaches – are among the most interesting sites where the sun can provide all of the natural lighting and everyone can bask in the natural beauty of the backdrop.

                                                   Photo Credit: Ashley Therese Photography


Whatever the theme you are going after, everyone wants their special day to be one-of-a-kind but still resonates with personal style. Still not sure where to start?


Getting married on the water is a visual treat! Imagine superb scenery and the relaxing sound of fresh air swirling around you. All you need to worry about is choosing the best site.

In Singapore, there is no better and unique outdoor wedding venue to tie the knot than aboard our romantic tall ship where the cool sea breeze embraces you and the beautiful sunset stands witness to your vows. Enquire today and let our team of professional wedding coordinators turn your dream wedding into a reality. Have a wonderful wedding season ahead!


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