Who was “Royal Albatross”?

From Windy to Royal, she was a young American gal.

Originally built in 2001 in Charleston, South Carolina, USA, the Royal Albatross started her working life as Windy II operating alongside her older sister Windy at Navy Pier in Chicago. Primarily she was used for day trips and occasionally for longer cruises on Lake Michigan and the other Great Lakes. She also participated in the regions Tall Ship festivals and Tall Ship races during the summer months.

After 7 successful seasons, her Owner Captain retired giving Tall Ship Adventures Pte Ltd the rare opportunity to acquire this classic traditionally rigged Tall Ship with a view to relocating her to South East Asia. In 2008, Windy II began her epic 15,000 km journey from Chicago and the moderate climes of North America to the tropical island of Singapore.

Now she’s a lady of unmatched splendour and grace. Upon Windy II’s arrival in Singapore, it soon becomes apparent that extensive work and expertise would be required to adapt the ship to operate in the region’s tropical climate and meet Singapore’s stringent safety requirements.

The new owners felt, however, that these improvements alone would not be sufficient to make the ship successful. They also needed to be able to accommodate the high expectations and demands of discerning Asian clientele who might find the spaces and comforts on board such vessel restrictive.

True to boating building tradition, the work was twice that expected with 360,000 man-hours being invested over 6 years redesigning and refitting the ship to the highest possible standards, transforming Windy II from a basic sail training vessel into a Superyacht of unmatched splendour and grace.

She was finished in 2015 complete with her new identity… The Royal Albatross.