What’s in a name?

Everything! It’s your identity so I wanted it to represent key values about our ship. The Royal Albatross is a rare sea bird species and the 2nd largest of the 22 member Albatross family. Similarly, the ship is large and it has 1 sail for each of the 22 species. Like the ship, the Albatross, with its giant wingspan, covers great distances at sea elegantly and effortlessly. Historically, it’s regarded by sailors as lucky to sight one (although I generally believe we make our own luck!) but a little bit of fortuitous assistance always helps!

Tall Ships were never designed to be luxurious, to operate in tropical climates, and entertain lots of passengers; especially taking into consideration modern day safety requirements! As I quickly found out, the challenge of combining the traditions of a sailing ship with the latest technology, equipment, and luxury fittings, was not a project for the faint-hearted. It has, however, resulted in a ship like no other, incomparable and perfectly matched to the demands of Singapore’s unique requirements.

Although The Royal Albatross was my first maritime (ad)venture on a relatively large scale, I surrounded myself with experts, specialists, and craftsmen who contributed and taught me so much on my journey to create a very special lady. What I had to learn for myself, however, was how to take determination and patience to a whole new level. Besides money and sheer hard work, these qualities transpired to be the essential ingredients for enduring what felt like a never-ending reconstruction.

Fortunately, along with the road, I found the passion to fuel my energy and now 6 years later; not only is The Royal Albatross a one-of-a-kind; but she exudes a presence and opulence from the moment you step on board. She is also an expert in her own right now… in sharing and making extraordinary memories on our client’s special day. In fact, I would say she is unsurpassed; but then I’m a little biased.
I hope you are able to enjoy her for yourself one day and in the meantime, find time to browse through this blog to gain a sense of what is differently possible.