Eat, drink, and be merry amongst your closest friends and family when you charter this classic yacht for your reception. Luxury Tallship Charter Royal Albatross offers an experience that is alone in its class. The Royal Albatross is the only tall ship in Singapore or South East Asia for that matter and celebrating your nuptials aboard will be a truly unique, unforgettable experience for all those involved.

Our luxury yacht is the perfect blend of old and new. Constructed in the style of a classic sailing vessel with four masts, wooden finishing, a spacious 47-metre-long deck and 22 white sails which billow in the cool sea breeze, the Royal Albatross recalls the refined style and romance of the golden age of yachting. The ship has also been fitted out with plenty of luxury 21st features including a custom lighting and sound system throughout the vessel. Below deck there is an elegant lounge, a fully stocked bar, a scenic dining room, and five stunning en-suite bedrooms. The deck is a dynamic space which can be fitted out to suit numerous wedding reception styles so whether you want to convert it into an alfresco lounge or a dance floor beneath the stars, we can arrange it for you.

Celebrate your Wedding and Enjoy Stunning Views of Singapore After Dark

Luxury Tallship Charter Royal Albatross offers a number of short charter routes around Singapore designed to provide your wedding guests with stunning views of the metropolis as the sun sets and the city’s innumerable lights turn on. Our talented crew are wholly dedicated to providing you and your guests with an exceptional service experience and will work tirelessly to ensure the night runs smoothly. The reception package includes catering where guests will on our premium cuisine which is a sophisticated fusion of modern and traditional Singaporean fare.

We’ll work closely with you to create a reception that’s in perfect sync with the tone and atmosphere of your ceremony.