Company Team Building Activities in Singapore with Rig Climbing

Our guests experience a spectacle when our crew scale Royal Albatross’ masts and climb into her rigging to set sail. All 22 sails are operated manually from the deck using nearly 200 ropes and pulleys. In fact, the phrase “learning the ropes” originates from hundreds of years ago when Tall Ship crew had to learn the purpose, function, and position of every rope to become a full-fledged sailor.

Climbing the rig is not for the faint of heart. It requires skill, deftness, and physical fitness to deploy the sails while underway. Naturally, safety is our number one priority so our crew wears high-tech harnesses to keep them secure as they work aloft 28m above the deck.

Feeling adventurous? Guests and corporate groups looking for an out of office team building activities, this thrilling, once-in-a-lifetime challenge can try their hand at climbing Royal Albatross’ rig under the strict supervision of our experienced crew. Rig-climbing is also featured in our unique team-building programme, as part of a series of activities designed to focus on different aspects of the participant’s personal skills, development, and team-working ability.

Bond for success

The close team work necessary for operating a Tall Ship has always, and continues to, provide a wonderful framework for team building activities. Away from the office, guests soon forget workplace politics in company team building retreats as they focus on the unfamiliarity of the Tall Ship.

Under the guidance of professional facilitators and our crew, guests work in teams to achieve the objectives of activities designed to help guests discover hidden strengths and talents, to appreciate the value of others and, of course, the value of working as a team.

The activities are nautical based and make the most of the Tall Ship environment including hoisting the sails, learning some of the ropes, navigation, knots and rig climbing. Our activities are fun, unusual and challenging with an educational focus.

5 program levels are available, 2 alongside and 3 at sea ranging between 3 and 8 hours with level 5 involving raft building.

Room to indulge

If your ideas for company team building events need to accommodate very large numbers or staggered arrival times, your guests can enjoy the sea breezes at the Waterfront Pavilion while overlooking our home berth at Resorts World Sentosa. The Waterfront Pavilion can also be used as a welcoming or holding area for parties waiting to board The Royal Albatross. With a capacity of 250 seated and over 400 reception style, it is a stunning building with its own private lawns and a perfect complement to an event on board The Royal Albatross. Additional sailings can easily be arranged to support larger groups at the Waterfront Pavilion and or The Royal Albatross used to host the VIPs.

So for those looking for company team building activities ideas, our teams of professionals are well able to ensure a seamlessly integrated event for both venues.