The Ghost Ship Infirmary

Travelers Choice 2020-2022★★★★★


The event sold out last year! So hurry and book early! 

During the war, vessels were retrofitted to become floating hospitals. These floating infirmaries would serve to provide aid for those who were suffering from the depravities of war. One of such was a story of an infamous missing tall-ship hospital, the ship was last seen sailing the seven seas and ending up in the ports of Sentosa. Rumours have it that that ship picked up a passenger that had been plagued by a virus unlike no other. The doctors, desperate to find help, turned to the local villagers but they were not accepting their pleas for help and instead decided to burn the ship and let it sink into the dark seas below.

Years later the ship was said to be seen arriving at the port for their annual sail, harbouring angry spirits preserved by their raging anger and betrayal by the villages of Sentosa. Are you ready for the Ghost Ship Infirmary? Can you convince the spirits that you mean them no harm? or are you destined to live on board the Ghost ship for all eternity?

Embark on a thrilling and ghastly adventure on board the Ghost Ship Infirmary, as the ship is transformed with full tattered sails, haunted cabins, and a special dining menu that will keep you at the edge of your seats. Come dressed in your best halloween costume and be part of a nautical ghastly sail onboard the Royal Albatross – Ghost Ship Infirmary!

Join us for an Extraordinaire 5-course Dining Experience Out at Sea with a Dark Twist.

What’s Included
Ghost Ship Infirmary Cruise 2023
24TH – 31TH OCT 2023
Adult Only
24th October 2023, Tuesday (Meow'o'ween)
27th October 2023, Friday
28th October 2023, Saturday
29th October 2023, Sunday
31st October 2023, Tuesday (Howl'o'ween)
Free-Flow Soft Drinks
Ghost Ship Infirmary Cruise 2023 (Meow-o-Ween)
24TH OCT 2023
min. 2 Adults per Cat
Price not including cat
One Night Only
24th October 2023, Tuesday
(18:30hrs - 21:00hrs)
2.5 Hour Sailing Cruise
Free-Flow Soft Drinks
Cat ticket needs to be purchased separately
Ghost Ship Infirmary Cruise 2023 (Howl-o-ween)
31ST OCT 2023
min. 2 Adults per Dog
Price not including dog
One Night Only
31st October 2023, Tuesday
(18:30hrs - 21:00hrs)
2.5 Hour Sailing Cruise
Free-Flow Soft Drinks
Dog ticket needs to be purchased separately
General Terms and Conditions:

Tickets are changeable, transferable, valid for 6 months, non-refundable and the product is subject to change without notice.
See Full Terms & Conditions and FAQ for Sunset Sail, Dinner Cruise, and other Special Cruise.
For more information about the stability of the Royal Albatross and why it’s unlikely you’ll experience seasickness, please view our video HERE.
*Free-flow is subjected to our fair use policy.
All prices are subject to 10% Service Charge + GST at the prevailing rate.
Please see attached Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for more details.
Royal Albatross is not halal-certified but all the meat items and ingredients are from halal sources. We are no pork and no lard event venue.


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