3 Themed Party Ideas For A Good Time On The Royal Albatross

How do you to make parties extra fun and last longer? Here are some ideas that will get your party buzzing before it even starts. After all, trying out different outfits in preparation for the gathering always gets people talking and makes for an exciting process.

For this reason, themed parties set the perfect stage for your creativity to shine, giving you limitless opportunities to go crazy with your get-ups and programmes.

And if you’re lucky enough to be hosting an event, a well-thought theme can be an excellent source of inspiration for the kinds of deco you’d want. Beyond the costumes or dress code, you can further the immersion into a different era or place.

On that note, why not up the ante and host your next jamboree on a luxurious tall ship? You’d still be able to come up with all kinds of unique ideas — the only remarkable difference? You’d be partying with the backdrop of the sea.

That being said, here are three kinds of themed parties you’d totally want to have onboard the majestic Royal Albatross.

1. Nautical Theme

cocktail sail on royal albatross

If you’re a party planner who believes that the “genius is in the obvious”, then the nautical theme is a no-brainer.

With the Royal Albatross as your ultimate prop, be your own captain and sail the high seas with a sailor’s uniform, greeting guests with a tip of your peaked cap.

Alternatively, you could impress with the classic blue and white combination, a definitive colour palette that dives right into the heart of all things nautical.

2. Hollywood Theme

A popular idea amongst seasoned party goers, this theme always gets it right. After all, it’s how the stars do it!

Furthermore, a significant advantage of this theme is its flexibility. Are you a fan of soccer legend David Beckham, or are you a pop diva at heart and would instead dress as his wife, fashion icon Victoria Beckham? For this particular theme, either is fine!

And who said geeks can’t do the red carpet? With the Avengers making multiple appearances on the big screen, Hollywood is just as much about the Incredible Hulk and Thor as it is about singers and actors.

The Hollywood theme is for anyone. And the sky’s the limit with what you can do with it.

3. En Blanc Theme

Minimalism is undoubtedly in trend. And there are few things more minimalist than an all-white party.

On that note, having a simple, streamlined and elegant party is a different way of doing things — perfect for those who don’t want the hassle of colour-coordinating everything in sight.

Best for a dinner event, the en Blanc theme also has deep ties to all things delicious. Hence, this idea is excellent for hosts whose guests are unapologetic foodies!


It’s easy to see that themed parties double the fun. Hence, for an enjoyable time, you should hold your next themed party onboard the Royal Albatross!​

event venue for corporate parties royal albatross


Think back to the last corporate event you attended. Chances are it was in a hotel banquet hall or perhaps on a rarer occasion, it was held at one of Singapore’s more “Instagram-worthy” restaurants. The food was great, the drinks stimulating and the company genial. Overall a great experience but if you’re on the planning committee, that lack of novelty is eventually going to set in and the event forgotten or merged with its predecessors. If you’re looking for something fresh and unique in corporate party ideas, here’s a brand-new experience to consider.


party venue rental singapore royal albatross

Capable of hosting up to 200 dockside and 130 while sailing, the Royal Albatross is your way of cementing your reputation as the organiser of the most unforgettable corporate party in Singapore.

The 22-sail and 4-mast ship operates from Sentosa and will take you and your clients towards the Southern Islands and Marina Bay. Set sail during the day and enjoy your lunch al fresco, or opt for the sunset sail and take in the night-time cityscape with a fancy cocktail in hand. If you want to take your corporate evening planning up a notch, you can arrange for some team building activities onboard like mast climbing, and later enjoy the beauty of a sunset and cool night-time sea breeze as you sail.

Skip the typical restaurant-style setups and instead, impress your guests with the charm of this Barquentine tall ship. The top deck is beautifully adorned with sleek woodwork and al fresco dining spaces. Below deck, your clients and VIPs will get to enjoy a reprieve from the sea breeze in a fully air-conditioned lounge complete with soft carpeting and luxurious settees.

Of course, no corporate party worth its salt will be without a delicious banquet, and the Royal Albatross aims to please with its unique service. Enjoy butler service for drinks and canapés, as well as a tasteful array of gourmet food, cooked to perfection by the crew on board. And what party is complete without a good drink or two? Aboard the Royal Albatross, both bars on and below deck are well-stocked with any drink your VIPs might desire.


Best Event Venue Singapore Can Offer In Uniqueness and Flexibility

If you’re going to host a memorable corporate party, it’s time to pull out all the stops. The Royal Albatross presents itself as a novel corporate event venue in Singapore, and the ship can even be set up in your corporate colours if you so wish.

Skip the restaurant; it’s time to take your clients sailing instead. Perhaps it might even garner you more ‘Aye’s in the future. For more information about our corporate charters or email them at sales@tallship.com.sg.

Unique Venue Singapore: Corporate Event Venue Singapore

Are you looking for the best places to host corporate events in Singapore? With great features onboard to ensure an unforgettable event that will leave your guests in awe, you might want to consider the Royal Albatross. Let us walk you through this corporate event venue that can host between 80 to 200 pax.

For those looking for more than just space, our galley (kitchen) on deck boasts restaurant-grade equipment that will make any chef happy, including stone hearth ovens for pizzas. We have had chapels, garden lawns, colonial bungalows. But a tall ship, now that’s a rarity. In fact, the Royal Albatross is the only working luxury tall ship in the region!

corporate event venue

The Monkey Bar is fully stocked with premium liquors and spirits, with signature cocktails you can order. Now on the top is the Monkey Island. That’s where the DJ or band can be to work their musical magic to entertain your guests. Of course, there are other strategic locations you can place your entertainers too.

unique venue singapore

The tall ship has a wide Upper Deck and Grand Salon that can accommodate a good amount of people for dinner and dance. With the latest audio-visual systems in place, companies can even segregate different music or audio input for different areas of the ship. This means that you could have a karaoke session downstairs in the Grand Salon while having a band belt soothing tunes on the Upper Deck above. You can even put a band on the roof of the Monkey Bar as we mentioned earlier just for the aesthetics of it or to give guests more room to roam.

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The Well Deck makes a great area for buffet spreads. Located right outside the galley, you can be assured that food will be served piping hot, straight from the chef’s stove. Guests are free to mingle at the various places around the ship, to admire the view, or steal away to the fully air-conditioned Grand Salon to relax at the comfortable sofas. Your buffet can be catered to various cuisine you might prefer for your different clients and guests.

corporate event venue singapore

Impressing a client will be simple at the Royal Albatross. The 60,000 over mood lightings that can be customisable into 512 RGB colours. Besides that, our audiovisual systems can easily be linked to different instruments and mic inputs for bands and performers to entertain your guests.

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If you are looking to host a lavish private party, what other better way than to host it on a unique tall ship. An exclusive venue that few others can enjoy, be sure to speak to our representatives who can help tailor our ship to your needs. Have a look at our corporate charter page and send your enquiry our way!